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One of the literature subjects that had helped the different students nowadays including me is ENGLCOM. ENGLCOM is a great subject to start with when entering literature. ENGLCOM improves a student. It helps a student in many aspects. It is a basic start for anyone who wants to expand their selves in literature.
Many misconceptions and misunderstandings on academic reading and writing were clarified during and after I took the subject. One of those was the grammar errors and some were the proper way of citing sources. Those were the things that I can’t understand before. Another is the way an essay must be properly written. After I took this subject, I come to realize all my misunderstandings.
I had difficulties in writing my argumentative essays because I’m not used to it. I’m not that kind of guy who always wins in a debate. Persuading people is not my thing. Thinking of a topic in my argumentative essay was hard. Well my professor helped me to understand on how to make the proper argumentative essay.
My first essay which is the entry essay is an essay that was made by an amateur. Basically, it’s an essay of a beginner. I didn’t expand my ideas and knowledge about literature. When I took the subject ENGLCOM, I improved my ways on how to use different terms, use the proper patterns on using an essay and mostly expanding my ideas.
So far, my ENGLCOM has been great. Thanks to my great professor, the activities have been less hard than I thought it would be. So far, I haven’t missed a single activity. So yeah, I’m going to say that my ENGLCOM experienced has been great and fantastic.



Many people in the Philippines commute every day. They choose different transportation vehicles. They find vehicles that will get them to their destinations easily. Filipinos always don’t want traffics. They want to avoid it. No one in the world likes traffic anyway. Most Filipinos choose the train to commute. Either they choose to go with LRFT or MRT. Others however use both. People in the Philippines find the train the fastest way to commute even though it’s hassle. It is said that the LRT and MRT are the most reliable mode of transportation. There are no traffics when riding the LRT and MRT. But as always, there’s always a downfall in riding the LRT and MRT. The LRT and MRT cause stress, depressions, and headache to Filipinos. Just like the MRT, it stopped a bunch of times in between two stations. Sometimes, the doors of the MRT are slightly open and even widely open while it is moving. The trains are getting slower and the air conditions are not functioning well. Those accidents caused Filipinos a pain in the ass. The government and the heads of the LRT and MRT suggested to make the fees higher. That caused another pain, stress, and depressions for the Filipinos. But actually, it’s a good idea. The MRT and LRT should make their fees a little higher.
With the LRT and MRT making their fees a little higher, the extra money they earn will help in improving the train as well as the tracks. The train’s problems will somehow be fixed. The opening of the doors while it is moving, the slow movement of the train, the hot air conditioner, and many more will be lessen. Even the tracks of the train will improve. Those things will lessen the pain, stress depression, and problems of the Filipinos. The extra money will also give great affection on the employees, workers, janitors, and other people that are involved in the LRT and MRT. The passengers will experience a more convenient and comfortable ride. The employees, sanitary group and other workers however, will receive higher money during their payday. Their earnings will somehow increase higher than what they receive before. The workers will also work better because they will get motivated in getting higher money.
The government as always, will get another partial money of the earnings the LRT and MRT makes. Our government, even though it is corrupt, will receive extra money and they can add those to their government plans in the future. If they will use the money in a nice and useful way, some problems in our country will be solved. If they will use it corruptly, then nothing will improve in our country. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for the passengers, workers, and the government. Problems in the country will be lessened. Making the fees a little higher can really help because every coin counts. All that’s left are the Filipinos to approve and agree in paying a little higher.


One of the current social issues nowadays is the MRT here in our country. We all know that riding a train skips traffic and make our travel faster. It is also reliable for many people because it is cheap. Another reason is it is because the MRT can be used so early in the morning and late at night. The MRT has served us Filipinos for many years. Along with the LRT, the MRT and the LRT make life easier. Now those were just opinions of many Filipinos that rely on the MRT. Others dislike the MRT because of its small space and because riding it on it makes you very sweaty and exhausted. People choose cars , jeepneys, and bus over MRT. But that is just for other people. People sometimes rely more on the LRT than on the MRT. This is because the LRT is wider and cooler.
One of the big problems our country faces today is the MRT. Yes, it is one of our problems. The MRT nowadays is dangerous to ride on. This is because of the accidents that happened this year. The power of the MRT just disappears and that leads to a train stop in the middle or in between of two stations. One of the devastating accidents here in our nation was the train from the MRT exceeded the railroad. Many people were injured, got mad and traumatized. Because of those, people started to rely less on the train from the MRT. Many Filipinos got scared from this tragedy. The reason as we all know, was that the train lost power and it stopped. When it stopped, another train decided to push the powerless train and when the train with power stopped, the powerless train lost control of the brakes and exceeded the railroad. Although many people decided not to ride on the MRT again, other people still continued to ride because of them being optimistic. After that tragedy, another disaster happened again. Although it is not that big, many people got scared because of the first tragedy. The second one was almost the same with the first. The train stopped again in the middle of the railway. Good thing is, it didn’t exceed in the railroad when pushed. Like the first accident, many people got mad and scared again. More people started to rely less on the MRT. Another scenario that happened was the moving of the train with open doors. That’s not a good thing obviously. People might fall and things they own might fall as well. That makes the people hate the MRT more.
The incidents that happened on the MRT train just show how unprepared our country is. It showed how slow our preparation is. Although we know that it was all an accident and accident is unpredictable, our nation should still be ready and prepared to anything. The government knew that the MRT will sometimes malfunction so they could have done a better way in preparing. Not only the MRT our nation is concerned about, but also the unlimited traffic we have in our country. There are almost traffic everywhere. Another one is poverty we see almost everywhere. These problems will take decades and decades to be solved. Back to the MRT topic, people can still rely on this. We should just hope nothing bad will ever happen again. Well if you don’t like riding the MRT, there are always some alternative transportation ways like the cabs, jeepneys, and especially the bus. If you want to arrive early then travel earlier.
When will the MRT be successfully fixed? When will poverty be stopped? When will the traffic be gone? And when will corruption be stopped? It will take a long period of time. It is a very slow process. We have to be patient with our country.


Why Death Penalty Should Return

People these days have committed a lot of crimes especially in murdering. In our country, death is famous because our government could not handle the countless murderers. First of all, death penalty is a penalty where in the person is put to death legally because of the crime he did. Death Penalty is not a stranger to the Philippines. The imposition of the death penalty in the country has had a repressive history. For the most part (from 1848 to 1987), it was used to curtail the liberties, freedoms and rights of the Filipino people. In recent history, however, the death penalty was re imposed as a knee-jerk response to what has largely been seen as rising criminality in the country. Some crimes which were made punishable by death through laws and decrees during the Marcos period were subversion, possession of firearms, arson, hijacking, embezzlement, drug-related offenses, illegal fishing and cattle rustling. Jaime Jose, Basilio Pineda, and Edgardo Aquino were executed for the gang rape of movie star Maggie dela Riva in 1972. Despite prohibitions against public executions, the execution of the three was done in full view of the public. Nineteen executions took place during the Pre-Martial Law period. Twelve were executed during Martial Law. The last judicial execution under the Marcos years was in October 1976 when Marcelo San Jose was executed by electrocution. Similar to the reasons for the imposition of capital punishment during the Colonial Periods, the death penalty during the Marcos Regime was imposed to quell rebellion and social unrest. Although Death penalty seems to be a brutal law, our country needs it now. Other laws are not working in limiting the number of deaths. (A timeline of death penalty in the Philippines, 2006) Death penalty should be implemented again here in our country because of the unending killings that are always happening.
People nowadays are taking advantage of their crimes especially in murdering. Arresting as a punishment doesn’t make the people stop their crimes of killing. When murderers get arrested, they will just spend their years in jail. They can also escape when they are in prison. They may also bail out if they have a lot of money. With death penalty, the killer will have no escape.
Death penalty scares all the murderers in our country. Murderers will be threatened by this penalty because they don’t want to experience what they will do on their victims. Killing others will be like killing themselves if they are caught. Killers will somehow be frightened on the consequences that they will face. All murderers in the world don’t like death as a punishment. (Crime and Punishment in the Philippines, 2013)
Death penalty will change the number of Filipinos dying. The number of murderers will lessen because they will understand the consequences that they would face. When the number of murderers lessens, the number of dying Filipinos will lessen as well. People will be very cautious and that will save a huge number of lives. Crimes during Marcos’ time were less than the crimes we have today. Every year, the crimes of our country go up. We are ranked 13th out of 58 countries in terms of crimes. That can be changed if death penalty will be implemented. (Philippine Crime Stat, 2011)
Death penalty will change the Philippines completely. Even though many Filipinos in the past or maybe even today still disagree with this law, it will truly help reduce a lot of crimes. A huge number of killers will be less and that will lead to a small number of Filipinos dying. Justice will be served among those who have lost lives. Murderers in our country must be taught a lesson that is enough and injustice.

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Life: As Round as a Basketball (ESSAY)

Life: As round as a Basketball

People around the world have found enjoyment in the different sports that entertain them the most. They all have their own favorites. One sport that has affected the world deeply especially our country is basketball. It is one of the most famous sports in all mankind. In almost every country, this sport has made its mark. Others see this sport as an entertainment and part of life while others see this as their own lives. Basketball is a sport wherein a team with 12 to 15 players tries to shoot a ball into a basket, outscores the opposing team, and enjoy while they learn some good traits even though this sport can somehow cause many injuries.
Basketball excites the people because it brings amazing plays, spectacular shots, awesome highlights, unpredictable games, and many more. Whether you are a player o just a fan, it doesn’t change the way the game touches you (Mercer, 2013). According to some NBA players like Kevin Durant, “Basketball is life”. That just shows how some players totally love the game. They take basketball as their lives. It is a way of living.
Learning some good traits is normal to any sport. Basketball however, connects people deeper than almost any sport (Essential Life Skills, 2010). It lets you learn to have teamwork, patience, perseverance, and many more. You name it. It makes you very competitive. Kobe Bryant once said that “Take every practice, every game, like it’s your last”. This just shows how the 5 time NBA champ is so hard working. Basketball is a team sport. Although it lets you bring the best out of you, it helps you to improve with the help of others. The sport also brings pride in one’s country. It showcases how great a country is by competing against other nations in the world. It makes the locals so proud when the national team wins. It also makes every nation in the world as one. It is a way of making new friends.
Basketball is a contact sport, any player can’t escape a bad play that causes an injury. Some injuries can end a player’s career (Bolden, 2013). Some injuries just motivate a player to be back at a higher level. But even though it causes injuries, it won’t stop a strong and motivated person to keep on playing.
Basketball shows us many things. Whether it causes injuries or not, basketball makes the people in the world happy. It serves as an entertainment to us and it teaches us the different great characteristics that a person must have. Basketball tells us one thing, it is not just part of life but it is life itself.


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