One of the literature subjects that had helped the different students nowadays including me is ENGLCOM. ENGLCOM is a great subject to start with when entering literature. ENGLCOM improves a student. It helps a student in many aspects. It is a basic start for anyone who wants to expand their selves in literature.
Many misconceptions and misunderstandings on academic reading and writing were clarified during and after I took the subject. One of those was the grammar errors and some were the proper way of citing sources. Those were the things that I can’t understand before. Another is the way an essay must be properly written. After I took this subject, I come to realize all my misunderstandings.
I had difficulties in writing my argumentative essays because I’m not used to it. I’m not that kind of guy who always wins in a debate. Persuading people is not my thing. Thinking of a topic in my argumentative essay was hard. Well my professor helped me to understand on how to make the proper argumentative essay.
My first essay which is the entry essay is an essay that was made by an amateur. Basically, it’s an essay of a beginner. I didn’t expand my ideas and knowledge about literature. When I took the subject ENGLCOM, I improved my ways on how to use different terms, use the proper patterns on using an essay and mostly expanding my ideas.
So far, my ENGLCOM has been great. Thanks to my great professor, the activities have been less hard than I thought it would be. So far, I haven’t missed a single activity. So yeah, I’m going to say that my ENGLCOM experienced has been great and fantastic.


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