Many people in the Philippines commute every day. They choose different transportation vehicles. They find vehicles that will get them to their destinations easily. Filipinos always don’t want traffics. They want to avoid it. No one in the world likes traffic anyway. Most Filipinos choose the train to commute. Either they choose to go with LRFT or MRT. Others however use both. People in the Philippines find the train the fastest way to commute even though it’s hassle. It is said that the LRT and MRT are the most reliable mode of transportation. There are no traffics when riding the LRT and MRT. But as always, there’s always a downfall in riding the LRT and MRT. The LRT and MRT cause stress, depressions, and headache to Filipinos. Just like the MRT, it stopped a bunch of times in between two stations. Sometimes, the doors of the MRT are slightly open and even widely open while it is moving. The trains are getting slower and the air conditions are not functioning well. Those accidents caused Filipinos a pain in the ass. The government and the heads of the LRT and MRT suggested to make the fees higher. That caused another pain, stress, and depressions for the Filipinos. But actually, it’s a good idea. The MRT and LRT should make their fees a little higher.
With the LRT and MRT making their fees a little higher, the extra money they earn will help in improving the train as well as the tracks. The train’s problems will somehow be fixed. The opening of the doors while it is moving, the slow movement of the train, the hot air conditioner, and many more will be lessen. Even the tracks of the train will improve. Those things will lessen the pain, stress depression, and problems of the Filipinos. The extra money will also give great affection on the employees, workers, janitors, and other people that are involved in the LRT and MRT. The passengers will experience a more convenient and comfortable ride. The employees, sanitary group and other workers however, will receive higher money during their payday. Their earnings will somehow increase higher than what they receive before. The workers will also work better because they will get motivated in getting higher money.
The government as always, will get another partial money of the earnings the LRT and MRT makes. Our government, even though it is corrupt, will receive extra money and they can add those to their government plans in the future. If they will use the money in a nice and useful way, some problems in our country will be solved. If they will use it corruptly, then nothing will improve in our country. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for the passengers, workers, and the government. Problems in the country will be lessened. Making the fees a little higher can really help because every coin counts. All that’s left are the Filipinos to approve and agree in paying a little higher.


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