One of the current social issues nowadays is the MRT here in our country. We all know that riding a train skips traffic and make our travel faster. It is also reliable for many people because it is cheap. Another reason is it is because the MRT can be used so early in the morning and late at night. The MRT has served us Filipinos for many years. Along with the LRT, the MRT and the LRT make life easier. Now those were just opinions of many Filipinos that rely on the MRT. Others dislike the MRT because of its small space and because riding it on it makes you very sweaty and exhausted. People choose cars , jeepneys, and bus over MRT. But that is just for other people. People sometimes rely more on the LRT than on the MRT. This is because the LRT is wider and cooler.
One of the big problems our country faces today is the MRT. Yes, it is one of our problems. The MRT nowadays is dangerous to ride on. This is because of the accidents that happened this year. The power of the MRT just disappears and that leads to a train stop in the middle or in between of two stations. One of the devastating accidents here in our nation was the train from the MRT exceeded the railroad. Many people were injured, got mad and traumatized. Because of those, people started to rely less on the train from the MRT. Many Filipinos got scared from this tragedy. The reason as we all know, was that the train lost power and it stopped. When it stopped, another train decided to push the powerless train and when the train with power stopped, the powerless train lost control of the brakes and exceeded the railroad. Although many people decided not to ride on the MRT again, other people still continued to ride because of them being optimistic. After that tragedy, another disaster happened again. Although it is not that big, many people got scared because of the first tragedy. The second one was almost the same with the first. The train stopped again in the middle of the railway. Good thing is, it didn’t exceed in the railroad when pushed. Like the first accident, many people got mad and scared again. More people started to rely less on the MRT. Another scenario that happened was the moving of the train with open doors. That’s not a good thing obviously. People might fall and things they own might fall as well. That makes the people hate the MRT more.
The incidents that happened on the MRT train just show how unprepared our country is. It showed how slow our preparation is. Although we know that it was all an accident and accident is unpredictable, our nation should still be ready and prepared to anything. The government knew that the MRT will sometimes malfunction so they could have done a better way in preparing. Not only the MRT our nation is concerned about, but also the unlimited traffic we have in our country. There are almost traffic everywhere. Another one is poverty we see almost everywhere. These problems will take decades and decades to be solved. Back to the MRT topic, people can still rely on this. We should just hope nothing bad will ever happen again. Well if you don’t like riding the MRT, there are always some alternative transportation ways like the cabs, jeepneys, and especially the bus. If you want to arrive early then travel earlier.
When will the MRT be successfully fixed? When will poverty be stopped? When will the traffic be gone? And when will corruption be stopped? It will take a long period of time. It is a very slow process. We have to be patient with our country.


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