Life: As Round as a Basketball (ESSAY)

Life: As round as a Basketball

People around the world have found enjoyment in the different sports that entertain them the most. They all have their own favorites. One sport that has affected the world deeply especially our country is basketball. It is one of the most famous sports in all mankind. In almost every country, this sport has made its mark. Others see this sport as an entertainment and part of life while others see this as their own lives. Basketball is a sport wherein a team with 12 to 15 players tries to shoot a ball into a basket, outscores the opposing team, and enjoy while they learn some good traits even though this sport can somehow cause many injuries.
Basketball excites the people because it brings amazing plays, spectacular shots, awesome highlights, unpredictable games, and many more. Whether you are a player o just a fan, it doesn’t change the way the game touches you (Mercer, 2013). According to some NBA players like Kevin Durant, “Basketball is life”. That just shows how some players totally love the game. They take basketball as their lives. It is a way of living.
Learning some good traits is normal to any sport. Basketball however, connects people deeper than almost any sport (Essential Life Skills, 2010). It lets you learn to have teamwork, patience, perseverance, and many more. You name it. It makes you very competitive. Kobe Bryant once said that “Take every practice, every game, like it’s your last”. This just shows how the 5 time NBA champ is so hard working. Basketball is a team sport. Although it lets you bring the best out of you, it helps you to improve with the help of others. The sport also brings pride in one’s country. It showcases how great a country is by competing against other nations in the world. It makes the locals so proud when the national team wins. It also makes every nation in the world as one. It is a way of making new friends.
Basketball is a contact sport, any player can’t escape a bad play that causes an injury. Some injuries can end a player’s career (Bolden, 2013). Some injuries just motivate a player to be back at a higher level. But even though it causes injuries, it won’t stop a strong and motivated person to keep on playing.
Basketball shows us many things. Whether it causes injuries or not, basketball makes the people in the world happy. It serves as an entertainment to us and it teaches us the different great characteristics that a person must have. Basketball tells us one thing, it is not just part of life but it is life itself.


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